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➤ Read Islamic Al-Quran on your Android phone Watch the hadiths and write as much as you know 🙂

All the pages and verses of Al-Quran have been analyzed and even everything written here has been used here in Bengali, English, Arabic and all other languages. You will get some money in return. You must install it to know the full details and see the reality

★ Apps Features:

• Read all the verses of Al-Quran in Bengali, English and Arabic English with Meanings
• Listen to the Audio and video for each post
• Universal App Works with almost all types of Android-powered devices including phones and tablets.
• Share the Al-Quran .
• Off line mode .
• New user interface
• Tasbih
• Supports Multiple Languages

⇓ Download Now and Memorize the Allor poth of Allah(Swt) today ⇓



Updated on

Jun 26, 2022

Requires Android

27.0 and up



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Released on

Jun 17, 2022

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